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Caps N Lock®

Caps N Lock® WFH Privacy Clip White

Caps N Lock® WFH Privacy Clip White

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Replacing the need for mouse jiggler devices for home working executives around the world. Caps N Lock will keep your status active on Microsoft Teams or Slack and keep PC awake without USB ports or software.
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"I use my Caps N Lock® clip every day...unless my wife has it."


Key Features

  • Clip to CAPS LOCK key on Windows Desktop or Laptop computers
  • Clip to esc key on Apple Mac Desktop or Laptops
  • Polished Nylon
  • 16mm wide
  • Improved styling
  • Prevent screen from sleep mode
  • Suitable for 5-20mm thick keyboards
  • Laptop/Desktop camera concealer
  • Invented & designed in the UK
  • Produced using the latest 3D printing technology

Work From Home. Reduce Tracking Anxiety

Some interesting info

Take Control of WFH Privacy

Work From Home while controlling when you are shown as Away in Microsoft Teams, Slack and other UCaaS software.

Physical Solution

Caps N Lock® is a hardware solution for a software problem.

Using the keyboard to maintain activity of the CPU produces a more reliable and accessible offering than a mouse mover.

For Keyboards Thick & Thin

Designed to fit over 200 modern laptops.

The Caps N Lock® clip can be turned upside down to function on the thinest of Apple laptops or older, thicker keyboards.

Modern 3D Printed Nylon

By using the latest advances in 3D print technologies Caps N Lock® can be manufactured with less waste and more design freedom.

  • Prevent Away Metrics

    Microsoft Teams will show how long you have been 'Away' to every other user in your organisation.

    The MS Teams presence icon can be manually set by the user with one exception - The Available status is defined automatically & can not be set by the iser.

  • Stay Contactable Working Elsewhere

    Caps N Lock® was invented & developed during the Covid 19 lock down era. It's purpose was to keep the inventor Available while they continued to work on their mobile phone next to their laptop.

    If Microsoft Teams or Salesforce's Slack allow users to manually set their Availability status then we will be out of business. Until that day comes we offer you privacy & control while you work from home.

  • Keep Screen Awake

    By using the Caps N Lock® WFH clip with the Teams app a user can keep their monitor active. This prevents the computer from activating a screen saver or requiring a password again. The IT dept best practice rules recommends against such things even while working from home. If you can't trust others in your home then don't buy Caps N Lock® and maybe find a new housemate.

  • Good-For-Nothing Slacker

    In pro-actively bypassing the tracking tools of an organisation (that did not ask permission to track you in the first place) you may experience others instinctively frowning upon your actions. It is often easier to assume the worst in others rather than step back and understand why we need to prevent employers tracking your activity.

    Caps N Lock® was created so you could have a coffee at home as you would do in the office without anxiety. You want to stay connected & continue your work another time or using another device.