Work Anxiety

Alright, Let's Talk About Work Anxiety...

Mental wellbeing at work is something that all of us can promote and be mindful of, whether it be about our own or our colleagues. At Caps N Lock® we want to explore how our products can help others feel less anxious while working from home.

Maybe it's that feeling you get when you're staring at your computer fearful of leaving the screen for more than 5 minutes, wondering if anyone on your team will notice that your status has changed to Away. this is where we can help.

We bring a new accessory to town that's here to save the day!...To some this is an amazing answer to a very frustrating problem. For other's, controlling your status may not be that big a thing.

Caps N Lock®, the keyboard clip that works like a mouse jiggler, works without the need for USB ports, power, electronics, or even mouse hardware and it's available for around the price of a Venti Cafe Latte from Starbucks so more people have access to help if they need it.

What Does A Keyboard Clip Do?

The Caps N Lock® keyboard clip is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their computer screen active and their Teams status green, without having to constantly move their mouse or risk getting caught by their boss popping out for a longer than reasonable tea break.

How Can a Simple Keyboard Clip Help With Work Anxiety?

Caps N Lock® is the ultimate work from home accessory. It allows you to stay active on your computer screen, without having to worry about anyone noticing that you're not actually typing anything or moving the mouse. You can use it to keep your status updated on Slack or Microsoft Teams, while you pop away from the main computer to take a phone call, pop out to get your car fixed, go for a run or work in a sketch book that isn't monitored by your Microsoft Teams software.

Our goal has always been to remove the need for workers to rush back to their computer just to jiggle the mouse.

How Does A Keyboard Clip Work?

The best part about Caps N Lock®? It's so easy to use. All you have to do is clip it onto your keyboard while you're in a text field, and it does the rest. No complicated software or setup required. Just plug it in and let it work its magic.

[TIP: Keep in mind that this is to use while you step away from your computer. You don't need this while you are already using your computer! ]


So, if you're one of those people who constantly worries about their work status and whether or not their team thinks they're slacking off, Caps N Lock® is the accessory for you. It's the perfect way to keep your computer screen active, without having to constantly move your mouse or risk getting caught by your boss. Trust me, your anxiety levels will thank you.

Work anxiety is a real issue that affects many people, especially those who work from home. But with Caps N Lock®, you can take control of your anxiety and stay active on your computer screen, without having to constantly worry about what others think. If this clever clip helps just one person live their best, anxiety-free life then we have done our job :).

  • 1. Enter a Text Field

    Place your curser somewhere with Text

    You can place your curser into most text fields such as the search bar in Teams, the search bar at bottom left corner of Windows or other text areas such as the body of an email.

  • 2. Clip to Keyboard

    Hold Caps Lock key (Windows).

    [TIP: A backup solution when using the Caps N Lock® keyboard clip is to use the SHIFT key instead of the Caps Lock key!]

  • Now work from home with less anxiety

    Note: A Keyboard connection using a multi-port switching device may have problems working.

    Still not working for you? 
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