About Us

Our mission is to make working from home better.

We are driven by making the work from home experience more private, less stressful and more respectful of the employees home environment.

Caps N Lock® was created while exploring ideas for how to keep Teams status green and how to stop computer going to sleep.

We offer a unique and patented solution to a problem that millions of workers face every day. There are now close to 1 million organisations using Microsoft Teams in the world with over 90% of the Fortune 100 companies choosing to use Teams as their collaboration tool.

Our own studies have shown that 77% of daily Teams users will return to their computer just to jiggle the mouse. In the UK over 34% will do this regularly.

Our mission is to promote privacy & choice for workers while they work from home. Privacy, Freedom & Control.

Problem Solvers

We currently outsource manufacturing to world class firms in both London and Singapore.

All design work is delivered by our internal designers who bring over 30 years product design & manufacturing experience to our team.

We enjoy solving problems and designing solutions to benefit the individual at home.

We work from home every day and use our own Caps N Lock® products to make our days more productive.

Our journey so far

Mouse Wigglers [For your Keyboard]