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Where can I buy a Caps N Lock® device?

You can buy Caps N Lock® devices directly from this website.  

We no lomger sell on Amazon UK (They wouldn't change our product classifcation from Motorbike Clip to Computer Clip! Wow!)

Which countries do you ship to?

We have users of our product all over the world. We can deliver to European countries and the Americas using Royal Mail & DPD

Do you accept returns?

Yes. We officially accept 14 day returns as per our terms. If you have purchased our products and wish to return them after 14 days then send us an email and we will look into each request on a case by case basis.

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What’s the minimum order amount?

There is no minimum order so whether you want to keep 10 computers in a classroom awake or help your 100 strong staff maintain their availability status, we can support you.

​For larger orders of more than a few devices please Contact Us.

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How does Caps N Lock® work?

Caps N Lock® works by simulating activity on your CPU.

To solve the problem of keeping a UCaaS* platform's status active we need to overcome 2 key challenges. 1st is the Presence status itself. 2nd is the computer activating sleep mode. Caps N Lock® solves both of these challenges in a single step.

For PC you can clip your Caps N Lock® device to the Caps Lock key while in the UCaaS* application. For both Mac and PC you can use the esc key to achieve the same goal.

Using Caps N Lock® with the esc key can be used regardless of the application you are in or the operating system you're using. With a PC and Microsoft Teams we prefer using the Caps Lock key with Caps N Lock®. Try out both methods with your Caps N Lock clip and see what works best for you.

* Microsoft Teams, Salesforce Slack & more

Will Caps N Lock® Exec work on my keyboard?

The quick answer is "Yes!" 

Caps N Lock® was designed to fit the majority of modern laptops and keyboards. In fact we tested our Caps N Lock® Exec device on over 100 laptops on show in the Curry's and John Lewis stores in the UK. We achieved a 100% pass rate :)

Some older PCs and Mac laptops have a wider distance either side of the keyboard. It is this distance that is critical.

The distance from the the edge of the laptop to your Caps Lock key must be less than 50mm.

Can we purchase white labelled Caps N Lock® devices?

Yes. We can support businesses with bulk purchases of Caps N Lock® devices and deliver white labelled solutions for brand marketing.

Please visit our On-Keyboard Marketing page for further information.

Can I personalise my Caps N Lock® WFH clip?

Yes! We manufacture Caps N Lock® using the worlds most advanced additive manufacturing machines.

This manufacturing process allows us to print custom products unique to each customer.

We offer customisation of 8 characters on the Caps N Lock® device. Please allow an extra 3-5 weeks for this service.

For more advanced product development requests such as a bespoke shape or style then please contact our team to discuss this further. We have access to a world class product development team via Solid Contracts Ltd - Product Design Services business.

How to maintain privacy working from home

There are many ways to work from home without sacrificing privacy. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe while still being able to work from home:

• Use a separate phone line for business calls.

• Keep Teams Status Available. Not Away

Caps N Lock® simulates computer activity while you're away from your PC or Mac. Similar output to a mouse jiggler however only a keyboard is required.

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