Keep Teams Status Active

How To Keep Teams Status Active

Caps N Lock® continues to democratise privacy at home through its low cost and more accessible invention for keeping Teams status green and computer screen active simply by holding down the CAPS LOCK key.

There are no electronics, power cables, USB ports or mouse devices required for the clip to work which significantly differentiates it from Mouse Jiggler products.

Keep Teams status green, active and available while working on another device, popping away from your desk or simply taking time-out from work without being monitored.

The revolutionary clip is aimed at corporate employees with work from home jobs, utilising Windows based laptop computers. Follow two simple steps to use the keyboard clip:

Stay Active on Teams

  • Place your curser somewhere with Text

    You can place your curser into most text fields such as the search bar in Teams, the search bar at bottom left corner of Windows or other text areas such as the body of an email.

  • Hold Down Caps Lock Key (Windows)

    A backup solution when using the Caps N Lock® keyboard clip is to use the SHIFT key instead of the Caps Lock key!

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