• Screen Stays Awake

    Prevent your screen from entering sleep mode. For workers with multiple computers this may become the greatest feature of Caps N Lock®.

  • Accessible

    Fits Desktop, Laptop, PC & Mac of varying dimensions. Successfully past our tests on over 100 Laptops sold in John Lewis and Currys in the UK.

  • Easy To Use

    Designed for use by 4 year olds and non tech savvy individuals. Simply clip on to the Caps Lock key.

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  • Professional Design

    Available in multiple colours with styling to suit the modern day professional

  • Maintain Privacy At Home

    Bypass monitoring features in workplace chat software including Microsoft Teams & Slack

  • Environment

    Light weight design and made from a single material. Delivered in fully recyclable packaging.

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  • Screen Protection

    Designed with laptop screens in mind, Caps N Lock® Exec will deform to protect your screen in the event of it being closed.

  • Camera Concealer

    While working at your computer you can use CapsNLock® Exec to cover your camera for extra peace of mind.

  • Affordable

    The Caps N Lock® clip pricing is over 50% cheaper than the lowest priced USB mouse wiggler.

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