How It Works

Caps N Lock® keyboard clips are designed to help employees using Microsoft Teams or Slack while working from home. Our goal is to help workers control their privacy at home while being more productive by limiting their need to rush back to a computer just to wiggle a mouse.

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  • 1. Enter Text Field

    Place your curser in the search bar or other text field in Microsoft Teams

  • 2. Clip to Keyboard

    Hold Caps Lock key (Windows)

    Hold esc Key (Mac)

  • Now work from home with less anxiety

    1. Note: The esc key works for both Windows and Mac.

    2. Note: Your curser must be in a text field (ie.Search Field) before you attach the clip.

    3. Note: A Keyboard connection using a multi-port switching device have been problematic for our solution.

    Still not working for you? 
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