Life As A "Work From Homer"

Life As A "Work From Homer"

Being the professional 'Work From Homer" employee that I am, my daily life exceeds expectations in so few places.

A walk around the block or a drive to the sea happens every so often but yes I am mainly stuck indoors behind my computer, talking on the phone, writing emails and drinking too much coffee. That is my work from home life at present.


Work From Homer

What is a "Work From Homer?"

A work from homer is a person that has forgotton about how work life balance ever existed.

The work from homer term can apply to both him, her or they and different traits of the work from homer employee can only be observed if you catch them of guard via an unplanned video call.

Amazon delivery men who don't just knock and run, or deliveroo drivers for the local curry house are well placed to observe the Work From Homer in their natural habitat.

WFH pants are a favourite for many Work From Homer's however their tops can vary depending on the meetings planned in their outlook calendar.

If you haven't guessed already then let me be clear for anyone that doesnt yet know about my inability to stop being sarcastic. I have just made up the term "Work From Homer."

It may one day become a real term for us home workers to use as a pasive aggressive insult when we next meet up at family gatherings however at this moment the "Work From Homer" term is not a mainstream way to greet others. Any office worker not working from home is likely to not understand you.

WFH Gifts For 'Work From Homer's

The best WFH Gift, WFH Product or WFH Tool for a Work From Homer is without doubt the Caps N Lock® "Mouse Jiggler" keyboard clip.

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