WFH Hacks

WFH Hacks

Working from home? Let's see if we can help with that!

We invented the Caps N Lock® clip to make working from home that little bit easier. Let's keep your Microsoft Teams status green.

Never go yellow while you're away from your computer. No more stressing over others watching your activity while your work from home.

Caps N Lock® is the world's first and only hardware solution that replaces your need for a mouse jiggler (Windows 10) or jiggler (Mac).

It simulates activity on your computer by holding down the Caps Lock key on Windows so there is no need for electronics or mouse jiggler download.

Getting fed up of having to wiggle mouse every 5 minutes to keep your screen awake? Caps N Lock® solves this too.

If you use Microsoft Teams, work from home and report to someone then you're in the right place.

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