The Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

The Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

Looking For An Undetectable Mouse Jiggler?

We explore how to keep your Teams status active while using undetectable mouse jiggler solutions.

Many of us are starting to look for solutions that help us adapt to a new life of working from home. Enterprise Software providers continue to build on their existing offerings and develop more detailed analytics features for their established cloud products.

We predict that 2023 will see a significant leap forward towards more work collaboration and employee tracking tools. As this sector continues to grow employees will seek out tools to help them maintain their privacy and counter the uninvited, intrusive features added to the work platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Using an undetectable mouse jiggler is a great idea to help maintain privacy and help employees working from home stay connected to their colleagues.

There are a few options on the market for employees seeking an undetectable mouse jiggler. The challenge is to use a solution that the employers IT team or work platform can not detect easily or at all. Any device that requires installation of software or connection to USB ports could expose the mouse jiggler to the people doing the tracking.


There are 3 types of Mouse Jigglers on the market. Only 2 of these are completely undetectable:

Three Undetectable Mouse Jiggler's

Green Mouse Jiggler Keyboard Clip by Caps N Lock

1. Caps N Lock® Keyboard Jiggler


A keyboard jiggler, invented by Caps N Lock®, is simply a keyboard clip that holds down the Caps Lock, Shift or esc key on all modern keyboards.

It can be used without a mouse so ideal for those that use the mouse pad on their laptop.

The Keyboard clip is the lowest cost no-software product on the market. It starts from just £2.99 so more than 70% cheaper than any other undetectable mouse jiggler on the market.


The keyboard clip is a mechanical clip so can not be used with the digital touch bar on Mac Books. The shift key is an alternative solution to resolve this.


2. Mouse Mover USB


This little USB device can make your curser move in different formations on your screen. Prior to the Caps N Lock® keyboard jiggler this was the lowest priced mouse jiggler on the market.


We have found that this device won't get passed the standard installation restrictions imposed on some corp computers. If it does work for you then a USB port will be used up and this could be detectable by the IT team or the corp tracking software.


3. Mouse Jiggler



By jiggling the mouse on a pad employees can use their existing mouse to simulate movement on their computer. This is a fun and easy to visualise solution that works well.

It offers users a specific place to keep their mouse so it will appeal to those setting up their WFH office desk.


The mouse jigglers are expensive and can cost anywhere from £20 to £60 per unit.

As with any moving product it will one day fail to work.

It relies on power either from a small battery or while tethered to a socket or the computer.

Mouse Jiggler's rely on the user having a mouse and it won't work if the user is only using a laptop with a mouse pad.  


The lowest price and most reliable solution for an undetectable mouse jiggler is the Caps N Lock keyboard jiggler. It lacks the excitement of the jiggling mouse mover however it is more reliable, uses less energy and will never stop working.

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