Rise of the Mouse Jiggler

Rise of the Mouse Jiggler

March 2020. The most significant date in our 'work from home' history. In March of 2020 the world took a giant leap into the new work from home era leaving us all seeking new ways to adapt with the changing employee to employer landscape.

The change in work due to the covid pandemic and the forced lock downs in late March 2020 led to companies scrambling for collaborative work solutions that would allow their teams to continue working effectively while stuck at home.

Searches on the internet to download Teams software spiked inline with the lock down measures.

The rise in demand for mouse jigglers can be seen increasing significantly at the end of March 2020 also.

As cloud and the low cost of entry SaaS offering have become the norm for many collaborative software platforms we can expect to see increasingly more adoption of work platforms that deliver employee tracking tools. This is a Billion dollar sector and as with all attempts to control other people the push back will grow with it.

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