Teams Status Wrong

Teams Status Wrong

How Changing Status on Teams Is a Pain

Why is my Microsoft Teams status wrong? I am "Available" while sending messages from my phone or writing in a notepad. My job can not effectively be measured by how long I stay active on my computer so why do it Microsoft?!

Changing status on Teams from "Available" to "Away" was driving me crazy.

I was regularly rushing back to my PC just to wiggle the mouse or tap the enter key and it turns out that I wasn't alone. Over 77% of daily Teams users in companies with over 10 staff in the UK were rushing back to mouse jiggle due to this changing status on teams.

It doesn't make sense until we take a step back and recognise that most or many of the executive population don't want to be seen as not working while they are actually home working.

I get this frustratign feeling come over me when I know that others think I'm not working but I know that I am. In reality I try to focus on my results and let these define my work ethic. I know that many may not even care how much time I spend working but the point is that I, myself, would judge others if they were seen as not putting in the effort so I expect them to do the same to me.

How to NOT change status on Teams

I want to share how the changing status on Teams can be resolved with an idea so simple that it's been called "genius."

If you can't change status on Teams to "Available" and being classed as Away while you are active elsewhere then try the Caps N Lock® Keyboard clip.

Cap N Lock® was designed to fit all modern laptops and keyboards. It is only 3g, won't damage your keyboard and can be purchased for less than £3 or 5 Dollars (Under $10 with shipping).

Simply clip the device to the Caps Lock key while you're in a text field in Microsoft Teams. This will keep Teams Available and help your system stop changing status to Away.

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