Stop Teams Status Changing to Away

Stop Teams Status Changing to Away

Let's start by saying that we have a real solution that you can start using right now!

We've spent months searching for a website that actually gives us a practical solution to stop Teams status changing to Away. All we could find were half baked solutions that failed when you realised Teams will always change its status

Any fully baked solution needs to keep Teams Status Green and keep computer awake on Windows desktop / laptop, Macbook and iMac.

We are the inventors of Caps N Lock®. A device that uses no electronics, jiggler software or magic to keep the Teams status green so you've come to the right place ;)

The answer is clean and simple and we've registered a patent for the world's first device that helps you keep Teams status Available and your computer awake on every computer in main-stream shops. What we discovered is the reason you can keep teams available right now.


Caps N Lock® works by recognising that the Caps Lock key on any Windows machine (or the esc key on any mac) repeats in a similar way to holding down a letter key in MS Word. This generates activity on your computer but doesn't do anything on your screen. In other words, to stop teams status changing to Away just hold down the Caps Lock key! You can follow instructions here.


Find something small enough to hold down your Caps Lock key or balance a larger item on Caps Lock. Remember to enter a text box in teams before you hold down caps Lock.

When you're ready explore our range of WFH privacy clip colours. All specifically designed to protect your screen and keep Teams status green on any size computer. Hope this helps you live a happier WFH life :)

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