Back view of Green Work-From-Home keyboard clip

We've solved it! Stay Available on Microsoft Teams without software or a mouse jiggler!

Over 60 prototypes created and 6 months of testing behind us. Caps N Lock® is ready to be placed on your keyboard to keep your Teams status and computer screen active.
It all started with frustration at being tracked during the UK lock down in 2021.
Like many employees, we were told to install Microsoft Teams. It was the latest shiny bit of software to help us stay closer to our colleagues... while we avoided our friends, family and neighbours at home!
Better Collaboration, File Sharing, Calendar & email integration, Video calls and VOIP. All of this in a single unified platform in the cloud, available on desktop and mobile. It felt like the start of lock down was all about Zoom but after the 1st jab our digital lives had accelerated to a new level with Microsoft Teams. (No! Bill Gates did not inject MS Teams into our bodies via the 1st Covid jabs.)
Slack was already solving the same problem but Microsoft got their timing spot on and gave out Teams for free to less IT savvy people. Now the normal employees could enjoy the same feature benefits as those cool coders on Slack working in their pants from Barcelona and Mexico City.

Oops. We're tracking you!

Unfortunately with great collaborative features comes greater scrutiny in part due to the 'Presence' feature in Microsoft Teams. Who would have thought that the little green icon with the tick in the middle could cause so much frustration.
Why can't I choose to stay available all day if that's what I want? Why can I see the status of thousands of colleagues via Outlook or directly in Teams? Can they see my status? Did any one ask if I could be tracked while at home?
The Teams Presence feature lets us see how long colleagues have been 'Away' for and if you time it right. what time they finished work yesterday! If you are responsible enough then your organisation may have given you admin controls. This opens up a whole new can of insight worms that extend to mass stats per user in your organisation.

The solution

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ..... This is not a typo. The keyboard feature that allows us to repetitively add the same letter in a single key press was the inspiration behind our solution for Caps N Lock® . We discovered that the repeating key feature in Windows also worked with the Shift Key..... and the esc key.... and the Caps Lock Key!!! [Imagine our lightbulb moment here]
This is where the story of Caps N Lock® begins. We developed our discovery into working prototypes and a production ready, low cost product ready to ship to hard working consumers around the world.
We're excited to share our Caps N Lock® products with you. Caps N Lock® devices are being sent to Amazon warehouses as you read.
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