The Simpsons Keyboard Bird | For Teams Users

The Simpsons Keyboard Bird | For Teams Users

Homer Simpsons Keyboard Bird is Great For Teams Users!

How do we know that the mechanical keyboard pressing bird shown in the Simpsons was way ahead of it's time and is actually a useful tool for professional enterprise level employees to collaborate better while working from home? We'll we invented Caps N Lock®, the keyboard clip that mimics the results of the Simpsons bird, keyboard key press included.

In 2021 we discovered that just like our long necked drinking bird pressing a key repeatedly does keep your computer awake and importantly stops Teams Status changing status to Away. We discovered that holding down the CAPS LOCK key keeps your PC awake and your Teams Status Green while you are away from the computer.

Drinking Bird - Simpsons

I wish I could tell you that we were inspired by the Simpsons drinking bird but alas it is not true. We discovered that holding down CAPS LOCK key kept Microsoft Teams Available after having a moment of inspired curiosity. We dared to wonder whether the repeating feature on our keyboard would apply to the CAPS LOCK key. Guess what? It does and the  mouse jiggler Caps N Lock® Keyboard clip was created.

A Rotating Gif Image of a Pink Caps N Lock Keyboard Clip Used When Working From Home

Work From Home Gif

The Simpsons Drinking Bird is a brilliant and comical animation that so many employees can relate to. The idea of having a machine help us appear to be working while we put our feet up is an idea I think we all like to giggle about while working from home.

Homer Simpsons keyboard bird is so well used as a WFH Gif now. If only our product was more complex and did more than just clamp down the key on a computer keyboard then we could create some fun gifs to share with our fellow work from home employees.

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Work From Home Meme Homer Simpsons Keyboard Bird pecking a computer mouse

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