Secret Santa Gifts For 5 Pounds

Secret Santa Gifts For 5 Pounds

A Secret Santa is an annual holiday tradition in which people exchange gifts without knowing who gave them. The idea is that everyone gets something nice at the end of the day, and no one feels left out.

A privacy device to stop employer tracking  - From under £5

If you work in an company where employers encourage you to use Microsoft Teams or Slack, there's a simple solution that keeps your working from home activity private. It's called Caps N Lock®.

Many of us rush back to our pc to keep our computer awake. When using platforms like Teams or Slack we often want to prevent being shown as Away, even if we're working away from the computer.

With Caps N Lock® you just clip the device to the Caps Lock key and let the freedom at home begin.

From just £2.99 for a white clip we offer colours to suit everyone. This is a unique, patented solution for an increasingly common challnge for workers. That's why the best secret santa gifts for under 5 pounds can be found at Caps N Lock®.

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