Personal Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

Personal Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

1. Work From Home Privacy Device

The ultimate WFH gift can be found right here at Our solution is super simple but has maximum impact on the life of your secret santa recepient.

Do they work from home? Are they using Microsoft Teams or Slack? If the answer is yes then the low cost Caps N Lock product range offers a unique gift that workers in the UK and the USA are finding invaluable.

This is a keyboard clip that hods down the Caps Lock key. In doing so while using Teams or Slack the worker prevents their employer tracking their time away from the computer while they work from the privacy of their home.

It can also be used to keep their computer awake. View the full range of colours at

2. Your Time & Effort

Sometimes it's the effort that counts. It's not always easy to find a personal gift for people that you may not know very well but we all appreciate a present that was made especially for us with both time and effort being spent on the making the gift.

Baking a cake can be cost effective and appreciated by everyone. There are some very straight forward recipes for sponge cakes that even you can follow ;) . Check out this one from BBC Good Food site.

If you lack the time to do this properly then maybe don't do this one. No one likes an undercooked, rushed or burnt cake so be realistic about what you can spend time and effort on. With a cake you write a nice secret santa message on top, wrap it in foil and use cake drums to protect it. A cardboard cake box would be ideal.


3. Buy 1 get 1 free / Discounts

You will no doubt be buying gifts for your family so this raises the opportunity to purchase your secret santa gift as part of a second purchase.

Keep an eye out for special deals like buy one get one free or buy one get one half price. This arguably helps keep the price down for the Secret Santa part of the purchase. A $20 item becomes $10 or a £10 item becomes £5. Worth exploring this option for an easy life. 

Secret Santa Disney

4. Small but Many

You're limited on budget so to get more for your money we can start lookign for mini versions of useful or maybe just interesting things.

Using the Disney store as an example again, it is possible to purchase a "Minnie Mouse Surprise Stationary Micropack" which consists of 6 tiny items. We like the idea of wrapping each of these mini items up and sharing lots of gifts for the secret santa surprise.

As always keep in mind the person you're buying for. If they don't work at a desk then get something other than stationary. The small but many idea can work well when playing secret santa on a budget.

Secret Santa Disney Mini bag


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