Microsoft Teams Away vs Available with WFH red privacy clip from Caps N Lock®

Oops. Left My Teams Status Available Over Night!

It's been a really busy few weeks in the world of software sales and I've been non stop with emails, phone calls, MS Teams meetings, chats on WhatsApp and chats on Teams.

When I'm working from home I like to use whatever device makes my life easier at the time. Some times I'm on my mobile chatting with customer's so when I finish I check my emails on my phone. It doesn't take long before the phone becomes my main device for the day replying and contacting every one.

I like using both my mobile phone and my laptop so the features of MS Teams have been really useful. For example, I love how I can answer a Teams call on my phone and transfer over to my laptop in just a few clicks of a button.

Anyway, yesterday I was working between both my laptop and my mobile phone again. I had my Caps N Lock® clip attached to my keyboard so I could keep my Teams status green, my computer screen awake and my anger towards the Away icon at a respectably low level.

Soon after 5:30pm I left my home office and went downstairs for some food. I completely forgot that I had connected the Caps N Lock® device.

15 hours later (the next day), I returned to my cosy office on the top floor of my house only to discover that my Teams status was still Available. My computer had stayed awake all night and the colourful capsnlock device AKA the "Keyboard Jiggler" did what it was meant to do. I had stayed available on teams all night, even while I was sleeping!

Next time I will reduce the brightness of my screen just to save some energy... incase I leave the clip accidentally connected again.

Caps N Lock® devices are now selling for £5.99 in White and £6.49 in Black. Available to purchase on Amazon Prime. Available in Germany, France and other European destinations in June 2022.

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