Mouse Jigglers Report

Mouse Jigglers Report

Mouse Jigglers

In 2020, with the sudden shift to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees found themselves struggling to maintain productivity while working from home. One solution that some turned to was the use of mouse jigglers, a small device that moves the mouse cursor slightly every few seconds to prevent the computer from going into sleep mode or locking.

According to a recent report, mouse jigglers were in high demand in 2020, with sales increasing by over 400% compared to the previous year. This surge in popularity is attributed to the rise in remote work, as well as the need for increased privacy and security while working from home.

The report also revealed some interesting statistics about mouse jigglers and their users. For example, the average age of someone who purchased a mouse jiggler in 2020 was 35, and the majority of users were male. The top industries that purchased mouse jigglers were finance, healthcare, and technology, all of which deal with sensitive information and require a high level of security.

Interestingly, the report found that many mouse jiggler users were not using them for their intended purpose of preventing the computer from going into sleep mode. Instead, they were using them to appear as though they were actively using their computer, even when they were not. This could be due to a fear of being monitored or a desire to appear productive during working hours.

While mouse jigglers may seem like a harmless tool, there are some potential risks associated with their use. For example, they could be used to bypass security measures put in place by employers, or they could be used to commit fraud or other illegal activities. Additionally, some IT departments may view the use of mouse jigglers as a security risk and prohibit their use.

Overall, the surge in mouse jiggler sales in 2020 is a testament to the challenges faced by remote workers and the importance of privacy and security in the digital age. As more and more employees continue to work from home, it's likely that tools like mouse jigglers will become even more popular as people seek to maintain their productivity and privacy.

There are a few types of Mouse Jigglers on the market ranging from £10 USB sticks to £50+ moving devices. The most cost effective of all Mouse Jigglers is the UK & USA Patented Caps N Lock keyboard clip. No mouse or electronics needed and this clip sells for just £2.99.

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