Microsoft Teams Status - What Is The Purpose Of Microsoft Teams Status?

Microsoft Teams Status - What Is The Purpose Of Microsoft Teams Status?

Microsoft Teams Status feature exisits within the Teams app available for Mac and Windows devices. The Status feature lets users' view live activity for all members of the organisation using the Microsoft Teams workspace.

The Microsoft Teams status (Presence) feature allows us to view specific time away metrics for our colleagues. This is only available when the user being monitored has their presence set to the away status.

Why Should You Monitor Team Activity?

Sometimes you just can't help it right! The green, red or yellow icons stand out in emails, when your searching for files in Teams and while working using the other integrated Microsoft 365 tools such as chat or cloud apps. Seeing your colleagues availability appears to have been designed to make everyone aware of whether or not they can reach out to you at this very moment.

The benefit of this idea, in theory, is that coleagues can see if you are free to be contacted. Maybe this is coming from a place of time saving, efficiency and smarter collaboration tools. Monitoring team activity is no doubt a productivity ideology to help workers be the best they can be while delivering more results in the least amount of time.

Monitoring team activity helps you stay up to date with what’s going on in your organization. This includes knowing who has been added to your team, when people join and leave your team, and how often they communicate with each other.

Now at this point in my life I have not yet experienced having a monitoring device attached to my ankle while being confined to my home. I guess that for some of us being monitored at home (without having yet committed any crime) can feel like things have gone too far in the world of work. A computer programme is now deciding when we are available to be contacted and when we are away... which may be mis-interpreted as when we are not working.

What Can You Do with Microsoft Teams Status?

With Microsoft Teams Status, you can see who’s online, who’s away, and who’s offline. You can also view messages sent by your team members, as well as the last message received by each member. So cool man right!...Got to love those software guys in Palo Alto trying to make the world a better place [Please note. I am currently a british citizen so most comments will involve comments of a sarcastic nature].

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