How to Keep Computer Awake Right Now

How to Keep Computer Awake Right Now

Caps N Lock® - Our Keyboard Jiggler

You may not have ordered your Caps N Lock® device (for only £5.99 on Amazon!) but we will let you into a little secret so you can start benefiting from our discovery right now.

Caps N Lock® is a clip for your keyboard. It works by holding down your Caps Lock key, Shift Key or Esc key.

If you have something in your home that could hold down your Caps key then you are on to a winner. Try balancing a tape measure, a spoon or for thinner keyboards a paper clip can work (Mind you don't scratch the keys).

When we solved the puzzle of how to keep Microsoft Teams icon Available, we had to explore different ways to prove that our idea worked. We didn't have our own device so we had to test with coins, tape measures, paper clips and any thing else we could find.

Mouse on a glass?

So while I was researching this topic I discovered this interesting video on YouTube. It shows that using only a glass you can create a home made mouse wiggler. I'm sure the reliability of this idea will vary based on the type of mouse you have and whether the tumblers in your cupboards are thick enough.

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