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How do I stop Microsoft teams from showing away?

How do you stop Microsoft teams from showing away? Well that's an easy one when you know how! This sounds crazy at first but the solution is so simple that a 4 year old could do it! So what's the answer? Just hold down Caps Lock!

While trying to resolve the frustrating issue of stopping Teams from changing to Away we identified the simplest yet most useful of home working solutions ....OK it was a hack at the time. It was lock down, a few sketches were made in a notebook and many prototypes were created in a wannabe engineer's workshop but we've made it into a professional product so it should now be called a "home working solution!" ;)

The answer to all your problems is Caps N Lock®. Hold down the Caps Lock key on your laptop or desktop keyboard by clipping the Caps N Lock device. This simulates typing but it doesn't actually type. Because you are simulating typing activity you need to enter a text field in Teams or another app while using this solution.

Caps N Lock® will keep : computer awake, PC awake, Mac awake, Teams status active, Slack status active, make you appear online on Microsoft Teams, stop Microsoft Teams showing away, make Microsoft Teams Status always available, keep Teams status green and help you avoid going idle on Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Our research showed that 77% of daily MS Teams users are returning to their computer just to jiggle the mouse. Our solution is low cost at only £5.99 with free Prime shipping, accessible by everyone, with or without a mouse and requires no software, electronics or USB ports. Just clip and away! Caps N Lock® is available today on Amazon Prime with next day delivery.

How do you make Microsoft Teams stay Green? Caps N Lock® is the answer...

.... or find a way to hold down caps lock or shift key on Windows. esc key on Mac. (A force of around 65g is needed.)

Caps N Lock was designed to fit all modern keyboards including ultra thin apple keyboards. Flip the device for thinner keyboards.

Caps N Lock will flex and protect your screen in the event that you slam your laptop screen down. We spent a while developing this feature so we hope it helps you. learn about all the features of this Keyboard Jiggler solution on our benefits page.

How do i stop microsoft teams from showing away?

So in summary, how do i stop microsoft teams from showing away? You use Caps N Lock® keyboard clip. Buy for under $4 or under £3 in the UK.

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