Download Microsoft Teams for MacBook

Download Microsoft Teams for MacBook

Want to download Microsoft Teams for Macbook or download Microsoft Teams for iMac? Here's the link

The Microsoft Teams site doesn't appear to have a different download page for Windows or Mac.

When you click the link above from your MacBook then Microsoft will provide you with the appropriate app for your MacBook or iMac.

Interested in keeping your Microsoft Teams status Available on Mac? Caps N Lock® is the solution for all mac users working from home.

In case you are new to Teams and you are about to join an organisation with Teams then you need to familiarise yourself with a few key points.

  1. Microsoft Teams has a feature called 'Presence' that helps members in a Teams organisation better collaborate with one another.

  2. The Presence feature shows when you are Available (ie. Active on your computer) and when you are Away (ie. Not Active on your computer). It also has other status classifications beyond just 'Available' and 'Away' however we won't focus on that right now.

  3. After typically 5 minutes of no activity on your computer your status will change to Away. The status icon will change from a green tick icon to a yellow clock icon.

  4. When you are Away EVERYONE in your organisation can see how long you have been away for. Teams will continue counting your time away until you change your Teams status again.

  5. There is no official method from within Microsoft Teams to stay Available while you are Away.

  6. Caps N Lock® solves the problem of keeping Microsoft Teams Available while you are not active on your computer. Just clip the Caps N Lock® device to your esc key on MacBook keyboard.

Caps N Lock® keeps your Microsoft Teams status green and Available while you are Away. We hope our solution helps you enjoy using Microsoft Teams a little more.

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