10 Father's Day Gifts for Men

10 Father's Day Gifts for Men

Father’s Day is coming up soon, so we thought we would share our favourite Father’s Day Gift ideas. From a new work from home device to a nice bottle of beer, there are plenty of options to choose from.
We have suggestions that range from the Caps N Lock £5 computer accessory to the 'more for a birthday' type gifts but depending on your budget we have some great suggestions for you to consider.

Best Beers In Town

If you're looking for something different than the usual beer, try one of these unique beers. They will definitely make an impression.

Awesome Snacks

You'll find a wide variety of exciting snacks that can blow daddy's mind but sometimes the tried and tested foods are the best. Not nuts or crisps, instead we think a great box of Turkish delights will satisfy dad and everyone else's sweet tooth.
You can never go wrong with chocolate! I am almost certain that a man only becomes a man after proving that he can consume his own body weight in chocolate. Luckily Toblerone have got you covered with this personalised Toblerone bar saying I love you. Me Man; Me Eat Chocolate.

Framed Super Hero Posters

If you're looking for something fun to give as a gift for Dad, check out these superhero posters. They make great Father's Day gifts because they're super cool and will definitely put a smile on his face.
If daddy is a Marvel fan then what he really wants is a giant poster of Ironman. He may also want a giant poster of DC's Wonder Woman however check that one with mum first ;)
When buying a poster you may like to consider buying a frame to go with it. This can cost more than the poster! If dad has a home office that needs some colour and character adding then framed posters are a great present on father's day.

Toys For Boys

If you're looking for something fun and unique for Dad, check out these toys for boys. They will make his day special.
To fully appreciate this gift you must first enter the mind of the father. Yes they may be a lot older than you now but deep down inside they remain the same 10 year old boy looking for something shiny and cool to play with. Well you can't get much cooler than a powerful remote control car.
At 1:16 scale the Vatos remote control car is about the size of a shoe. You may need to buy the battery separately.

Cool Work From Home Gift Under £5

Whether he likes sports, golf, fishing, or just relaxing with a good book, there are plenty of cool work from home gift ideas for dad for under £5.00. Here is our favourite.
Oh boy, what a gift this will make. Freedom, choice & control all packaged inside this truly remarkable invention. Caps N Lock is the gift that will keep on giving to father while he works from home. 
Caps N Lock is a keyboard clip that simulates activity on the computer. It achieves the same goal as a mouse jiggler or mouse mover but for a fraction of the price.
As he works from home he will be free to manage his time without being tracked by his employer. Just clip to the Caps Lock key and he can stay available while working elsewhere or take a break from the screen without stress.
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