Evitar que la PC deje de dormir

Mantenga la PC despierta y activa sin cambiar la configuración de la PC. Evita que la computadora duerma.

Un desafío al que se enfrentan muchos empleados cuando trabajan desde casa, en la oficina o en el aula.

Caps N Lock® ofrece control a nivel de usuario sobre la configuración de la empresa definida por el departamento de TI. Simplemente ingrese un campo de texto y coloque el clip del teclado en la tecla Bloq Mayús.

  • Employers' Track Logins

    This may not be obvious to many employees whose main concern over being monitored may only extend as far as the Teams presence status, however each time we log in to our computers a time stamp records our action. When your computer sleeps after 5 minutes and you are required to login again then another timestamp is recorded and so on.

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  • Unproductive & Wasteful

    You may disagree with us on this however logins add no value to your day. It's sole purpose is security at work however while you work from home the threat is more than likely reduced. Phishing scams etc involving user errors will always remain a risk but the login feature does nothing to mitigate this risk. At the start of your working day is reasonable. Every time you take a break or stay on a long phone call not so helpful.

  • What did Apple do?

    Once upon a time Apple laptops, iPhones and iPads had to be unlocked via a passcode. Today we use our finger prints or our faces to login. It's fast for the user and while it wouldnt help anyone feeling monitired by relentless employer tracking it shows that logins with text is not what user's enjoy doing.

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Keep PC Awake & Active without changing PC settings. Stop Computer from sleeping.

Maintaining computer activity and stopping computer sleeping without fiddling with the master settings is a challenge many employees face while working from home, in the office or in the classroom.

Caps N Lock® offers user level control over the activity status of a computer. The rules for the computer to enter sleep mode may be protected by the IT administrator but Caps N Lock® gives back control to the employee.

With Caps N Lock® Just enter a text field and clip to the Caps Lock key while in a text field.

  • Energy Conservation

    One of the primary reasons computers go to sleep is to conserve energy. When your computer is left idle for a certain period, it automatically enters sleep mode to reduce power consumption. This feature is especially crucial for laptops and other portable devices, as it helps extend battery life. By putting the computer into a low-power state, unnecessary energy consumption is minimized, resulting in a more environmentally-friendly operation and increased battery efficiency.

  • System Health and Performance

    Another significant advantage of sleep mode is its positive impact on system health and performance. When a computer enters sleep mode, it suspends most processes and operations, allowing components like the processor, hard drive, and cooling fans to rest and cool down. This break prevents overheating and reduces wear and tear on hardware components, ultimately prolonging their lifespan. Moreover, resuming from sleep mode is faster than starting the computer from a full shutdown, enabling users to quickly get back to their work without significant delays.

  • Data Security

    Sleep mode also contributes to data security. When a computer is in sleep mode, it typically locks the screen and requires the user to enter a password or perform a biometric authentication to resume. This feature acts as an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access. If you step away from your computer momentarily, sleep mode helps ensure that your data and personal information remain safeguarded from prying eyes.

How To Stop Computer Going to Sleep?

In the ever-evolving landscape of remote work, finding ways to optimise productivity and maintain employee privacy at home has become increasingly important. Introducing Caps N Lock®️, a revolutionary keyboard clip that offers the same benefits as a mouse jiggler while providing a simple solution to prevent your computer from going to sleep.

Caps N Lock®️ can help remote workers keep their computer screen active, all while promoting worker privacy at home, convenience, and an uninterrupted workflow.

Stay Awake at the Clip of a Button

Caps N Lock®️ allows you to keep your computer screen active by simply holding down the CAPS LOCK key while the cursor is in a text field. By using this keyboard clip, you can prevent sleep mode from activating, ensuring uninterrupted workflows and a seamless work-from-home experience.

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