Alleviate Work Anxiety

Alleviate Work Anxiety

Work with Anxiety

Are you tired of constantly worrying about your work computer going to sleep or your Teams status showing as inactive? Are you looking for a simple, low-cost solution to help alleviate your work anxiety? Look no further than the Caps N Lock® keyboard clip.

What is a ‘Mouse Jiggler’ Keyboard Clip?

Caps N Lock® is a revolutionary keyboard clip that delivers the same result as a mouse jiggler, but without the need for any electronics, power cables, USB ports, or additional mouse devices. This makes Caps N Lock® a more accessible and affordable option for workers who are looking for a reliable way to keep their computer screen active and their Teams status active.

How To Keep Teams Status Green

The Caps N Lock® keyboard clip works by simply holding down the CAPS LOCK key while the cursor is in a text field. This small yet effective clip is easy to use and can be attached to any keyboard without any additional tools or hardware. It's the perfect solution for remote workers who want to maintain their privacy and security while working from home.

Anxious Working From Home

With Caps N Lock®, you can say goodbye to the stress and anxiety of worrying about your computer going to sleep or your Teams status showing as inactive. You can focus on your work and be more productive without the added distractions of having to constantly move your mouse or touch your keyboard.

Low Cost Privacy

Caps N Lock® is a game-changer for workers who value their privacy and security, but don't want to break the bank to achieve it. At an affordable price, Caps N Lock® delivers peace of mind and convenience to workers who need it the most.

Don't let work anxiety get the best of you. Order your Caps N Lock® keyboard clip today and start experiencing the benefits of a more relaxed and productive work environment.

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Professional Support For Anxiety & Panic Attacks

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