Anyone for a Mouse Jiggle?

Anyone for a Mouse Jiggle?

In today's ever-changing work environment, it is becoming increasingly important to adapt and find innovative solutions to optimise productivity. With the rise of remote work and work-from-home jobs, the need for efficient and effective tools has never been greater. Introducing Caps N Lock® - a revolutionary keyboard clip that delivers the same result as a hardware that makes your mouse jiggle, without any of the hassle or expense.

Caps N Lock® democratises privacy at home through its low cost and accessible invention to keep Teams status active and computer screen awake simply by holding down the CAPS LOCK key (while the cursor is in a text field). This innovative product offers a simple and user-friendly solution for those who find themselves struggling to keep their computer screens active during periods of inactivity as well as all the laptop users without a mouse device to jiggle.

Unlike other Mouse Jiggle type products, Caps N Lock® requires no electronics, power cables, USB ports or devices to work, making it a convenient and accessible option for workers of all kinds. Its simplicity is its greatest asset, allowing users to remain focused on their work without worrying about complicated setup processes or troubleshooting issues.

This innovative keyboard clip offers a number of advantages for worker well-being and work anxiety reduction. By replacing the task of keeping Teams status green and the computer awake, Caps N Lock® helps workers manage micro-management tracking by the not so empathetic manager. This can be particularly beneficial for workers who are expected to spend long periods of time at their computers but fear repercussions if they step away for more than 5 mins.

With its ability to keep computer screens active during periods of inactivity, workers can remain focused on their priorities without worrying about their computer going to sleep or their Teams status showing them as "Away". 

With this computer Keyboard Clip there should be no more mouse jiggle runs every 5 minutes.

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