Mouse Mover Vs Keyboard Clip

Mouse Mover Vs Keyboard Clip

How To Keep Teams Status Active

As remote work becomes increasingly common, many workers find themselves struggling with the challenges of staying productive and efficient outside of the traditional office environment. One of the challenges of remote work is ensuring that your computer remains active and accessible when you step away from your desk. This is where the keyboard clip comes in. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of using a keyboard clip and how it can help home workers and those being micro managed.

What is a Keyboard Clip?

A keyboard clip is a small device that attaches to your keyboard and simulates keystrokes. It works in a similar way to a mouse mover, keeping your computer active and preventing it from locking or shutting down when you step away from your desk.

How Does Keyboard Clip Work?

The Caps N Lock®️ team discovered that holding down the CAPS LOCK key on a keyboard while the cursor is in a text field will activate the repeat key functionality in Windows. Users can place their cursor in a search bar on Windows desktop or in the Teams app then attach the keyboard clip to CAPS LOCK.

Benefits of Using a Keyboard Clip

Increased Productivity

Using a keyboard clip can help increase your productivity by allowing you to take short breaks without having to worry about your computer locking or shutting down. This can help you stay focused and engaged in your work, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Better Communication

Microsoft Teams is a popular platform for remote communication and collaboration. Using a keyboard clip can help you keep your Teams status Available, ensuring that your colleagues can reach you even when you are away from your computer. With the Teams app on your phone you can still be reached while the keyboard clip keeps your status green on the desktop or laptop.

Greater Flexibility

Working from home offers a level of flexibility that is not always possible in a traditional office setting. A keyboard clip can help you take advantage of this flexibility by allowing you to step away from your desk for short periods without disrupting your work.

Reduced Micro-Management

For workers who are being micro-managed, a keyboard clip can help reduce the feeling of being constantly monitored. By keeping your computer active, you can give the impression that you are still working even when you step away from your desk for a moment.

No Mouse or Software Needed

Working with a laptop can often mean that the mouse pad replaces the need for a mouse. This restricts the use of a mouse mover for these employees. A keyboard clip only requires a keyboard to function and does not rely on any power or electronics.


Using a keyboard clip can be an effective solution for remote workers and those without a mouse who want to keep their computer active and accessible. By understanding the benefits of this device and how to use it effectively, you can optimise your home working experience and achieve your professional goals. If you're struggling with constantly rushing back to your computer to keep Teams green, active and available then consider investing in a Caps N Lock keyboard clip as you work elsewhere.

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